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About Our Company

Mr. Yogesh Nagda is Owner of RUDRA STONES EXPORTS PRIVATE LIMITED in India.

We are glad to introduce you to RUDRA STONES EXPORTS PRIVATE LIMITED, and appreciate your interest and your involvement in our company.The business environment and market in which we operate is continuously evolving and changing, but our core values are constant. We managed to get long-term brand value commitments from our loyal customers. We want to personally assure you that YOU are our first priority whether you have been our customer for years, a new customer, or are just evaluating us.

We are the leading Importer and Exporter from different countries around the world. Our portfolio of products and services are focused on Granite, Marble, Onyx, Travertine, Quartzite, Sandstone and other building stones. We always keep ourselves updated with market trends and therefore we keep updating ourselves with new products and finishes to meet the Global Market demands. Our experienced and professional team personally selects the stones and determines its quality before selling it to our customers. We believe that every stone has its own unique characteristics, which we must be enhanced with extraordinary finishes.

We, at RUDRA STONES EXPORTS PRIVATE LIMITED, are motivated to strive for excellence and professionalism.

We deal with all colors of granites and marbles of India.

At RUDRA STONES EXPORTS PRIVATE LIMITED you can expect good quality and Great Corporation. We take personal interest in every single order we receive...
You will have a great time doing business with our firm.“

529 Rudra Stones Exports Private Limited, Ms Lodha Complex,Shastri Circle ,Udaipur

(+91) 7339923388